• Photography Can Be Fun!

    So how do I take photos? Do you need a large studio? The answer is no! Good lights, black, gray, and white mount boards, and clear glass are a must.
  • Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year!
  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Thank you Everyone!
  • Happy Thanksgiving!!

    The time of year when the family all comes together is a time to celebrate.
  • Shop Sections

    We were out the weekend before last in the search for vintage items and found lots of new things. The listings for these will come up as the days go by. We try to list a new find everyday so be sure to check us out often.
  • Bringing Antiques and Vintage To You

    Joe...Owner, Photographer, Shipping, and Buyer
    He has a great love for glassware, fine china, old dinnerware, figurines, old bottles, and more.

    Patti...Owner, Cleaning, Research, and Shop Curator
    She has a great love for crystal, silver and silver plate, dolls, stuffed animals (that need a home and some love), vintage jewelry, and more.

    So they start their day shopping. They head for garage and estate sales. Making the best deals possible for the best items they can find.